Re-registration or Leaving the School

This page only applies to parents whose child currently attends CFBL. In all other cases, please consult the Registration page.

Parents who have children currently attending CFBL will be invited to confirm the attendance of their child for the 2017-2018 school year.



Failure to confirm their child’s attendance or failure to pay the £1000 advance on fees will result in their child being removed from the School roll and their child will not be able to attend the school the following year.

Moving up into the next year group is subject to the opinion of the conseil de cycle (primary) or conseil de classe (secondary), consulting with parents.

The advance on the first term fees will not be reimbursed, for whatever reason, if the child does not attend the following school year

A request to re-register a child the following school year will only be considered by the School if the fees due for the preceding school year have been paid in their entirety.

Pupils in 3ème at CFBL

Parents whose child is in 3ème at CFBL will be able to apply for a place at the Lycée International de Londres Winston Churchill or at the Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle in accordance with the registration criteria of each of those schools.

We invite families to read the said schools admission procedures by consulting their respective website on a regular basis.

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