Currently six trustees (or Governors) are elected by parents (Parent Trustees) and five trustees (or governors) are proposed by the CCFGB for nomination before they are co-opted (CCFGB Trustees).

  • 5 CCFGB Trustees
  • Rémi Bourrette (Chair, School Council Board representative)
  • Stuart Young (Treasurer)
  • Dimitri Hovine (Human Resources)
  • Benoit Belhomme (CFBL Clubs)
  • Benjamin Vedrenne-Cloquet (Technology in Education, Board representative on the SEND and Accessibility Plan Committee)
  • 6 parent Trustees
  • Véronique Bell Aubert (Relations with CFBL Parents, School Council Board representative, School Policies)
  • Karine Berron (Safeguarding, School Policies)
  • Thibault Eissautier( Marketing & Communication)
  • Thomas Lefèvre (Relations with CFBL Parents, relations with Local Community)
  • Gaelle Aziz-Picardet
  • Dorothee Lepine

You my contact the Board of Trustees, or its Chair, via this e-mail link