School Staffing Structure

CFBL (77 people) Headteacher: Mr François-Xavier Gabet (employed by the AEFE)
Administrative & Technical Team Head of Finance & Administration: Mr Tony O'GRADY

Head of Primary Section & DSO: Mr David GASSIAN

Chief Accountant: Mrs Nathalie MUNUNGA

Human Resources Manager: Mrs Audrey KOUMBA

Legal Manager : Mrs Stéphanie MCKEON

Marketing and communication officer: Mrs Justine GOY

Administrative Assistant (human resources): Mrs Christine LOUCA

Administrative Assistant (revenue and billing): Mrs Tatiana BELLANCE

Accounting and Administrative Assistant : Mrs Sabrina LEJEUNE

Administrative Assistant (admission office): Michele MAHIRI

Administrative Assistant (reception): Mrs Anne BOACHIE

Administrative Assistant (club coordinator): Miss Davina BYE

Administrative Assistant (accounting): Mr Miguel LUFULO

IT Administrator: Mr Kiran ITTOO

Premises Manager: Mr Patrice NEGROS

Webmaster: Mr Adam BENJAMIN

Teaching Team (51 people)

15 teachers in primary school

31 teachers in secondary school

2 teaching assistants in nursery

3 teaching assistants in primary

Health Team (1 person) Nurse (& DDSO): Mrs Maud Donatucci

Pupil's Support Head & DSO (CPE): Mr Quentin Dève

6 Education Assistants

4 Lunch-break Supervisors

You will find hereafter the complete CFBL staff chart. All our staff email accounts conform to the following standard:

First initial followed by .surname 'the at symbol'