Mission and Aims

Mission Statement

escalier rouge

  • To deliver a bilingual and bi-cultural education to French-speaking pupils.
  • To foster academic excellence by following the French curriculum as set out by the French Éducation Nationale whilst at the same time realising the full potential of each child.
  • To give advice and help to pupils, as well as their families, in order to help them realise the best possible educational path.
  • To promote the personal development of the pupils by offering them as wide a choice as possible of group and individual activities within the fields of art, culture and sport and to this end, to promote extra-curricular activities.
  • To prepare pupils for their entry into the upper secondary section of the French Lycée or help pupils transfer into the English education sytem.
  • To teach pupils to respect and embrace the richness and cultural diversity which CFBL offers.


Ethos and Aims

The development of pupils is at the heart of the teaching at CFBL.

CFBL transmits to its pupils the best of French educational culture as well as attaching particular importance to their well-being, personal development and their ability to work together.

Our bilingual and bi-cultural project allows for the teaching of other languages and the discovery of other cultures. Nurturing multiculturalism is at the heart of CFBL’s educational project.

Firmly placed in the 21st century and thus embracing pupils from the digital generation, CFBL is equipped with up-to-date IT systems.

The School's overall project is reviewed by the AEFE.


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  • School Overall Project French, 261.32 KB

    Overall project of CFBL for the years 2012 to 2015. This document defines the main lines of the School's project, with their goals and actions.