Radio Récré, CFBL's radio station

Welcome to Radio Récré 

We are pleased to introduce our bilingual radio programme entirely designed and produced together by all the children of CFBL; Primary and Secondary.
Radio Récré is a 30/60 minute programme presented by CFBL students, that airs every month. 
You will find stories, interviews, radio plays, songs and many other topics. The programmes will initially be transmitted on the CFBL website, and thereafter we hope to quickly find a professional radio station to host the show.
 Our listeners will be the  CFBL children themselves during school time, but we hope that many families and and others aill listen to the show too. 


This project is supported by CFBL Parents: the CFBL Parents Association. 
As of June 2015, our programmes are being broadcast by FRL -

Why have a school radio? 

School Radio is a great learning tool, and includes the following objectives: 
• Improves mastery of oral and written language skills, diversifying language situations through the use of radio. 
• To express ideas in authentic communication situations. 
• Anchors itself in the social and cultural fabric of the neighborhood and the city. 
• Develops debating skills. 
• Become an informed user of the media. 
• Knowing how to use all the various resources to design and produce radio sequences (documentary reading, listening, writing, voice work, ...). 

Listen to all our past programmes now on soundcloud


Programme 35, 18 June 2017

Produced by the pupils of CM2

  • 6eme HISTOIRE : L’Appel du 18 juin [1'00]
  • CP CULTURE : L’histoire d’Elmer lue par des parents dans différentes langues [4'15]
  • CONCOURS du meilleur slogan !
  • CE2 MUSICAL "Pirates vs Mermaids" [2'30]
  • CM1 INTERVIEW Sophie Tremolet de la Banque Mondiale parle de l’assainissement de l’eau [9'15]
  • 5eme SANTE: Campagne pour une meilleur santé en classe d’espagnol [7'30]
  • 4eme VOYAGE avec les correspondants des 4emes venus de Valencia [2'30]
  • CM1/CM2 THEATRE Saynètes (part II) [12'30]
  • CM2 WWII STORY of American Veteran Frank DeVita recorded on Omaha Beach [9'22]
  • 5eme : REPORT: Imperial War Museum [4'50]
  • CM1- CM2: INTERVIEW of Bea Green, German lady who had to flee the Nazis before WWII (recorded at the Jewish Museum in Camden) [15'15]

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