Secondary School Library (CDI)

CDIThe secondary school library (or CDI in French) is located on CFBL’s 2nd floor in a large, comfortable, well-lit room. It is a workspace, used for reading & research, open to pupils, teachers and CFBL’s other staff. It is run by a teacher-librarian who welcomes users & advises & guides them in their studies.

The school library is:

  • a resource centre where users can:
    • consult and borrow
      • novels, stories, newspapers, cartoons, poetry & plays,
      • documentary books,
      • magazines ("Le Monde des Ados", "Today in English", "Histoire junior"…),
      • dictionaries & encyclopaedias, text books, reference books, exam papers,
      • digital & audio-visual resources (le Site TV), careers documents (Kiosque ONISEP)
      • documents for teachers & other staff (reports, curriculum),
    • consult the internet & e-sidoc,
  • a place for training: to acquire research skills, to develop pupils’ initiative…
  • a place for cultural exchange: to encourage reading, partnerships, cultural activities, exhibitions, other projects…

The school library is equipped with 7 computers and a printer.

Pupils can use the school library at various times during the day (lunchbreak, playtimes …) or with a teacher or the librarian during a lesson.

To see what the school library looks like and to find out its opening hours & borrowing conditions, visit e-sidoc and look under Informations pratiques.


Use the Netvibes CDI portal to find selected websites for information, to keep up with the news, do research, prepare an essay, revise or simply have fun.

Good surfing!

Reading Blog

The CDI reading blog invites you to find out other pupils' favourite books, latest trends, animations and exhibits organised around reading in the CDI.