If you would like to become a parent class representative for the school year 2017-2018, please email Mr. Rodrigue Barbosa by Friday 29 September, indicating which class you’d like to be a candidate for.

If there are several candidates per class, a lucky draw will be put in place for 2 main parent representatives, and two deputies.

If you’d like to find out more, please read the guidelines below (in French).


Parent council guidelines  2017 2018
Here are a few recommendations and explanations regarding the role of the parent class representative.


Parent representatives represent all the parents of the students in their child’s class. Each class has four parent representatives (2 main representatives and 2 deputies). The deputies have the same role as the main representative. Only two representatives out of four participate in the class council.

Parent representatives are expected to be diplomatic, and to keep in mind that teaching methods are within the teachers’ purview.

Given the  nature of the class council discussions, especially when discussing the needs of a particular student, parent representatives are expected to adhere to the strictest confidentiality. Parents will be sent minutes of the class council if they request them, but in no circumstances should discussions concerning a particular student be sent out to the parental community as a whole. Only the parent of the student in question can receive that information, if he or she requests it.

Parent representatives shall only use parents’ contact details as part of their role as representatives. When sending group emails, they should remember to Bcc everyone.