New students can apply to CFBL in three easy steps:

Step 1: online pre-registration
To apply for a place for the school year starting in September 2018, please fill out our online pre-registration form from 8 December 2017. Priority is given to students based on a certain number of criteria outlined in our Admissions Policy. The date of pre-registration is not a priority criterion for admission, but we still encourage you to sign up as quickly as possible to benefit from the best availability of spaces.
To apply during the course of the school year, please email
Step 2: decision of the admissions committee
The Admission Committee meets regularly to allocate places in accordance with the School’s Admission Policy. After each Committee meeting, all families will be contacted by email by the Admissions Office.

If you are offered a place, the procedure for acceptance will be clearly explained in the offer sent to you.
If you are not offered a place: unless you cancel your pre-registration when the school contacts you, it will be reconsidered by the Committee at a later stage (as directed by you).

Dates at which families are informed of an offer are set out in the calendar. No information will be given out before these dates.

Step 3: accepting an offer for a place
Families must accept the offer within the deadline set out in the offer letter. Failure to do so will be treated as a refusal and the place being offered to another pupil.