Duties and responsibilities

A good standard of behaviour is needed and it is important that this should be maintained throughout the dinner period which should be a pleasant experience for all concerned.
• act as a responsible caring adult with the health, safety, welfare of the children always in mind
• must show conduct which commands respect
• must see that the children behave at all times sensibly and quietly
• must be aware of how to get access to the first aid equipment and of the fire evacuation procedures
• To support and contribute to the school’s responsibility for safeguarding children.

Duties and responsibilities – supervision of dining areas

• Actively supervise students by a physical and mobile presence in the school restaurant room from 11:30 am to 2:00 pm.
• Control queues to dining areas.
• See that the overall arrangement for children to dine promotes an orderly and pleasant meals service.
• See that any spillage is removed quickly. Have an arrangement so that a floor cloth, dust-pan, and brush is readily accessible.
• See that trays are not left in dangerous positions, and are cleaned where necessary.
• To assist pupils, where necessary, with the proper use of cutlery, drinking facilities or other aspects of the midday meal.
• Encourage the pupils to leave the table clean.
• Ensure the dining areas are left clean and tidy.
• Aim to clear all dining areas of pupils every day where possible by 2:00 pm.


• Good command of French and English
• Knowledge of the school
• Knowledge of the School’s rules of procedures
• Ability to Manage and know students
• Ability to inform and report when necessary
• Position yourself in a relationship of authority

Weekly hours: 14.5 from September 2018

Hourly rate: £12.24

To apply for this role, please complete the Midday Supervisor and e-mail it to: recruitment@cfbl.org.uk no later than Friday 14 September 2018 at 12:00 (noon)