CFBL has set up a peer mediation programme in order to reduce negative behaviour when there is a dispute between pupils, and to resolve small conflicts (shoving, teasing, rumours…) in a peaceful manner.

This will help our students become more responsible and autonomous in their conflict resolution, and create a better environment for everyone.

A group of 16 volunteers in 5ème and 4ème will have four half-days’ worth of training carried out by a specialist, who will teach them how to handle and resolve conflict.

It is important to note that peer mediation does not replace the School Rules, and that mediators are not pupil supervisors. In fact, mediators have no authority over their peers and only mediate in agreement with the two students who are in conflict. Mediation takes place by appointment and under the supervision of a trained adult who has volunteered to be a programme coordinator.

From the end of January 2019, student mediators will start the programme in pairs, during recess or the lunch break. These students will mediate in an office placed at their disposal, and under the supervision of an adult.

We plan on running this programme year after year so that it becomes part of the school’s identity and way of functioning. This is why we are rolling it out progressively, starting with 5ème and 4ème students.