From 12 to 16 March, CFBL invites young and old alike to have fun with science! Workshops, talks, shows and special activities will take place throughout the week in primary and secondary, to coincide with British Science Week.

In primary school, science will take centre stage with special lessons and activies, and students will participate in a science challenge by building their own eco-friendly home.

In secondary school, workshops will be organised in small groups throughout the day on Friday 16 March, carried out by special guests from all kinds of scientific backgrounds, who will address students on wide-ranging topics such as space exploration, electricity production technology, artificial intelligence, black holes, and much more.

In addition to these activities and workshops which will take place during the school day, the Science Department and the Mathematics Department are giving families the opportunity to join in on the fun, with talks and shows every evening from 7pm.


Public programme


Events open to children from 7 years old, parents, and curious minds. All events are in French.


Astronauts’ training

Monday 12 March 7-8.30pm

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The formation of black holes

Tuesday 13 March 7-8.30pm

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Show us your science + Harry Potter: magic or science? 

Wednesday 14 March 7-8.30pm

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Basic Einstein – Damien Jayat

Thursday 15 March 7-8.30pm

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