School fees include a high-quality balanced meal cooked on site (4 lunches per week for primary school, 5 lunches per week for secondary school).

The school chef develops his balanced menus by working closely with a top nutritionist, and over 95% of all raw ingredients are delivered fresh every day. Working together with his team, he serves homemade soups, prepares a fully fledged salad bar, three main hot dishes, including a vegetarian option along with accompanying vegetables (homemade mashed potatoes!) and a wide variety of desserts (fresh fruit pots, homemade cake and yoghurts).

Holroyd Howe, a specialist school caterer, received the Catey Prize in 2015 for “Education caterer of the year” rewarding in particular their innovative and fresh menus.

From 30th November to 4th December
 MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayCaribbean Friday
Bread/ CheeseFreshly baked bread will be available daily
Soup/ SaladPotato & chiveSaladMinestroneSaladSpiced sweet potato
Le petit menuChicken sausagesQuorn mince bolognaiseRoasted fishBeef pattiesRoast chicken
For non-vegetariansSausage en crouteQuorn mince bolognaiseRoasted fish salsa verdeBeef PattiesJerk Chicken
For vegetariansRoast veg & butternut stewMushroom stroganoffBubble & squeak cakeVegetable mornayAfrican vegetable stew
Side dishesFrench fries, green beansPasta, sweetcorn & peasCouscous, roasted garlic courgettesLentils, broccoli & carrotsRice & peas, veg jardinere
DessertYoghurtCakeFruit compoteJellyCake
From 7th to 11th December
MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayThai Friday
Bread/cheeseFreshly baked bread will be available daily
Soup / SaladCarrot & gingerSaladCarrot & gingerSaladThai coconut & noodle
Le petit menuVegetable & bean goulashRoasted fishMinced beef stewLamb merguez sausagesRoasted marinated chicken
For non-vegetariansVegetable & bean goulashItalian fish & potato gratinMinced beef cottage pieLamb merguez sausagesThai red chicken curry
For vegetariansRoasted vegetable quicheVegetable burritosVegetable bakeVegetable burgerThai green vegetable curry
Side dishesSteamed rice, Vegetable jardiniereBulgur wheat, green beansRoasted new potatoes, broccoli & carrotsPasta, baked beansSteamed rice, Garlic and chilli vegetables
DessertCakeFruitJellyCakeMixed fruit compote
From 14th to 18th December
MondayTuesdayWednesdayFestive ThursdayFriday
Bread/cheeseFreshly baked bread will be available daily
Soup / SaladBroccoliSaladSaladRoasted pumpkin & chestnutMinestrone
Le petit menuMinced beef gratinCumberland sausagesCheese omeletteRoast turkeyRoasted fish
For non-vegetariansMinced beef gratinCumberland sausagesCheese omeletteRoast turkey, pigs in blanket, roast gravyPeri peri fish
For vegetariansMoroccan vegetable stewBarbecue roasted fennelCauliflower & broccoli mornayMushroom & squash wellingtonTomato & aubergine quiche
Side dishesCouscous, Spiced green beansFrench fries, peas & carrotsPasta, ratatouilleRoast potatoes, Brussel sprouts, roast carrots & parsnipsRice, vegetable jardinere
DessertFruitJellyCakeChristmas pudding brownie & vanilla sauce, mince piesCompote

We prepare approximatively 120 pack lunches for the classes selected to have lunch in their classrooms, each day. We provide a fruit, a cake or a yoghurt with a pack of crisp, the baguettes are cooked on site each morning!