14 Jan 2021

Concours d'écriture Wordhound

Bravo à Viviane, élève de CM1 au CFBL | Collège Français Bilingue de Londres qui remporte le concours d’écriture Wordhound de décembre 2020 avec son poème “Dear Santa”.

Merci Viviane de nous faire partager ta passion pour l’écriture et la poésie à travers ce magnifique poème !

Plus d’infos sur : https://www.wordhound.co.uk/competitions/

Au CFBL, nous visons particulièrement à envisager et à  promouvoir le développement personnel des élèves en leur offrant un spectre aussi large que possible d’activités collectives et individuelles dans les domaines artistiques, culturels et sportifs.


Dear Santa,


Have you been doing since birth?!

Every time you come around

You just go back

to your white freezing home safe and sound.


It’s like:

“Here’s your presents, and bye!”

And that’s basically all

before you’re gone

in the blink of an eye!


Where do you go after every December?


Does anybody remember?

Do you go and ski?

And how does nobody see?


Nobody can miss you in your big red coat!

And you never responded to any letter we wrote!

You’re just a fat, lazy, old goat!

Don’t just say “I’m so sorry”

And then turn your red-cloaked back with a lame story.


In fact, I think I’ve seen you once or twice

In Japan eating some strange-looking spice

Or maybe tanning on the beach

Having what looked like a peach?

Perhaps spending your time in overcrowded Morocco

Made you forget to say “HO HO HO”?


And if you care about your Santa-like royalty

You will have to earn my loyalty.

And so all I can say is you’d better

Answer my letter.

But you still deserve some thanks

Otherwise the presents would be paid by our banks.


(I still want to know where you go before and after

But that’s for another time

When I come up with some sort of rhyme)


evil laughter


So live in fear

For I’ll be watching you every year

Waiting for you and your reindeer



A child who will make things rough

Starting by asking for a lot of stuff


par Viviane C.