28 Apr 2020

Shakespeare’s Birthday

It is time to celebrate Shakespeare’s Birthday despite the Lockdown!

CFBL dares you (and your families) to join us in this Virtual Shakespeare Challenge to celebrate his birthday.

This virtual birthday event is open to all ages, with every activity including many options for kids and families. Please join us by sharing your creations on Mrs Watts’ padlet  — with your super quick-and-simple ideas to more ambitious ones! — or just get ready to enjoy and revel in others’ contributions.

Try any of the following options:

Speak the speech

You may be new to Shakespeare, or you may have a favourite passage. Try a line or a speech and read it aloud. If it means something to you, tell us. Or, with your family or friends, turn a single speech into a group “choral” reading (at home or on Zoom).

Strike a pose

Recreate famous paintings or scenes from the plays—or take a selfie as your favourite Shakespeare character !

Make art

Tip your hat to the Bard and his plays with works of art or visual shenanigans, including paintings, drawings, cartoons, photos, dioramas, and more—or put the words of a Shakespeare passage on display in cards, signs, or videos.

Recite or Rap a Sonnet

Why not try to take up our 3e and rap a sonnet by the Bard? Or just recite one in French, English or any other language!

Throw a Shakespeare party

Enjoy yourself in celebrating the Bard at home and share some photos! We hope our recipes and other ideas add to the occasion.

And any other idea you have are welcome!

As it turns out, we’re not entirely sure his birthday was April 23. 
So let’s celebrate it over 2 weeks and enjoy the fun until May 3rd!

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Best regards, 
Mrs Watts