Le Collège Français Bilingue de Londres recrute pour décembre 2019, un chef comptable bilingue français/anglais à raison de 40 heures hebdomadaires.
Pour postuler, merci de bien vouloir remplir ce formulaire et de nous le renvoyer avec votre lettre de motivation à l’adresse suivante : recrutement@cfbl.org.uk avant le vendredi 20 septembre à 17h.

The Chief Accountant assists the Bursar with the school’s accounting and to manage the payroll.

Reports to:  The Head of Finance and Administration (“Bursar”)



Finance and accounting

  • Supervise a small team of accounts administrators, including the preparation of annual performance appraisals in liaison with the Bursar.
  • To assist the Bursar with the preparation of regular financial reports, as required.
  • Working with and assisting the Bursar, keep under review appropriate, accurate and efficient financial systems which meet the needs of French and English accounting reporting standards and ensure appropriate controls and procedures are in place;
  • To complete the monthly and  annual reporting on a timely basis; reconciling the general accounting information (SAGE) with input from other administrative staff via auxiliary accounting systems (e.g. FACTOS school fee billings)
  • Process payments and record expenditure in accounting systems to produce, monthly accounts and management  accounts to agreed timetable;
  • Manage the School’s bank accounts to ensure the best use of the finances to meet expenditure requirements and report regularly to the Bursar (& as required the Treasurer) on the School’s cash flow position.
  • Prepare monthly payroll in conjunction with the HR Mgr. and make regular payments to HMRC and other agencies. Prepare documents and files for the annual audit and work with the statutory auditors to ensure a smooth running audit. Review the auditors’ services if requested by the Bursar or Treasurer to ensure they offer the best value service.
  • Set up procedures to support staff for delegated budgets to enable them to monitor and control their budgets.
  • Assist the Bursar in the preparation of the school’s annual budgets.
  • Participate in meetings of the school’s Finance Committee, if requested by the Bursar or other Committee members.
  • Prepare reports and financial simulations for Board meetings, as required by the Bursar.
  • Deputise for the Bursar as required in the day-to-day administration of the School’s administration (not relating to teaching or curriculum).
  • Clubs & Catering: Review monthly financial reports prepared by the Clubs (& where necessary Catering) Manager, obtain explanations for budget/actual variances & report them to the Bursar.
  • Prepare financial analyses, as required by the Bursar, relating to contacts or transactions with other organisation (e.g. Instituts Français & Goethe, AEFE or school within that network, external Cleaners etc).


  • Take overall responsibility for the execution of those aspects of administration of the school, which do not relate to the teaching, supervision and pastoral care of students (“vie scolaire”) as may be required by the Head Teacher or the Bursar;

Other duties

  • Undertake any other duty or responsibility which may reasonably be requested by the Headteacher, the Treasurer or the Board [note: neither the Headteacher, the Treasurer or any Board member can instruct the Chief Accountant to pay an invoice or make a bank transfer without the authorisation of the Bursar).
  • Be aware of and comply with policies and procedures relating to child protection, health and safety, security, confidentiality and data protection (in compliance with the GDPR). Reporting all concerns to the Bursar, or other appropriate person within the School.
  • To keep information on the School, its staff or pupils and parents confidential.
  • Attend and participate in meetings as required.
  • Participate in training, other learning activities and performance development as required.

Whilst every effort has been made to explain the main duties and responsibilities of this position, each individual task may not be identified.

It is a requirement that all staff work in a flexible manner compatible with their jobs and in line with the objectives of the College Français Bilingue de Londres (CFBL).  Please note that the job description for this position may be reviewed and amended to incorporate the future needs of the CFBL.