Is CFBL only for French children?
No, all nationalities are welcome. However, from CP onwards students must be able to speak French in order to keep up with our bilingual teaching.
Do you give priority to French citizens?
No – in fact, we have 35 nationalities!
What is the proportion of French students at CFBL?
In primary school, 32% of our students are binational (French and another nationality), 58% are French and 7% are British. In secondary school,  27% of our students are binational (French and another nationality), 63% are French and 4% are British.
My daughter is 2. When can I register her?
You can register her now so she can start Nursery the following September.
When does registration start?
Pre-registration opens at the beginning of October – and we would advise you to fill out the online form as quickly as possible as soon as it open so as to benefit from the best availability of places.
What is the minimum age for students to start at CFBL?
Children must be at least 3 years old when they start CFBL. We do not offer schooling to children younger than that age.
My husband and I do not speak French – is that a problem?
It’s not a problem – our staff speak English, and you will have no trouble communicating with the school. However, we would advise all families to maximise their children’s exposure to French outside the school so as to provide them with a more comprehensive learning experience.
What language to the students speak amongst themselves?
In primary school, students speak the language that comes most naturally to them, whether French or English. In secondary school, English seems to predominate.
How many classes do you have per year?
We have:
– two classes per year in PSM and MSM
– two classes per year from GSM to CM2
– four 6ème classes
– three classes per year in 5ème and 4ème
– two 3ème classes
How many students are there in each class?
There are 30 students per class in the Primary school.
There are between 23 and 27 pupils per class in the other years.
Do the teachers come from France?
Most of the staff teaching the French curriculum come from France, while English teachers are recruited locally. Our teachers all have the diplomas required to teach their specialty.
Is there a uniform?
The PE kit is compulsory for all students, and is available for purchase from Ace Sports, our official supplier. Students are not required to wear a uniform outside of PE classes. They are, however, required to wear appropriate attire, as outlined in the school rules.
In which schools do the students continue their studies?
At the end of their schooling at CFBL, our students move on to a French lycée in London (mainly the Lycée International Winston Churchill, but also the Lycée Charles de Gaulle) or another school in France or overseas. Some students continue in the English educational system.
What is the difference between the DNB and the DNBi?
In addition to the DNB (Brevet) exams, students who enrolled in the International Option (DNBi) will take two oral exams in English: one in history and geography, and the other in English literature and culture.
CFBL students have been able to take the DNBi exam since June 2019.
I have three children. Will I get a discount on school fees?
We don’t offer discounts on school fees, but we encourage parents to ask for financial aid.