CFBL Parents' Association


Since its creation, the Parents' Association of CFBL  has fostered dialogue and communication between the school and the parents, while working closely with CFBL’s management, local authorities and London associations.
The APC VOLUNTEERS help our children learn by organising outstanding educational projects, and help them thrive by organizing outstanding educational projects while exposing them to London’s multicultural heritage.
After 11 years of hard work and successful endeavours, the CFBL Parents’ Association is thrilled to continue to support children and families alike as they learn, discover and grow.

To find out more, please check their website or send them an email.

Key Facts


Key projects

Organisation & funding

  • Radio Récré

  • Foreign exchange trips (secondary): Isle of Wight, Dorset, Valencia….

  • Cultural outings (primary and secondary)

  • Financial aid and bursaries (FSF)

  • Diploma ceremony

  • Science Week

  • CFBL Musical

  • Careers Fair

School events & community outreach

  • Back-to-school party to welcome new families

  • End-of-year parties

  • Talks

  • Children’s concerts

  • Party for secondary students

  • Primary school summer fair

  • Class pictures


  • Gala

  • Season’s greetings card

  • "Galette des rois"

  • Bag2School

Join CFBL Parents’ Association

As a premium member

Sign up at the beginning of the school year and pay the contribution (£20 per year per family) to receive the following benefits:

  • reduced price tickets to events organised by CFBL Parents’ Association

This fee also covers the association’s running costs and contributes to the association’s aims, which are :

  • representing parents at various councils and committees

  • giving financial aid to families who need it

  • helping to build a stronger school community

As a volunteer

To help with projects throughout the school year, such as: organising the Gala, creating CFBL merchandise to raise funds for school outings, overseeing the primary school summer fair, and so on.