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At CFBL, the staff constantly strives to ensure the well-being of our students, helping and guiding them every step of the way.

The CFBL teaching team is made up of some fifty teachers with different linguistic and cultural backgrounds, who trained in France or overseas. Our staff are very enthusiastic and devoted to their students and are keen to use innovative teaching methods, which they deploy in interdisciplinary projects throughout the school year.

Student support staff in both the primary and secondary sections provide individual support. We also have a psychologist and speech therapist in school to provide care for more specific needs.


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The board

The board of trustees (who also acts as governors and directors) is responsible for the overall governance of the School (financial management, compliance with English laws, compliance with DfE regulations). Working with, and at the initiative of the Headteacher, the Board also takes part in defining the School’s educational objectives and the School’s overall project.

Half of the trustees are elected by parents (Parent Trustees). The elections are organised by CFBL Parents. 

The other trustees are non parent individuals, co-opted by the non-parent trustees on the basis of their skills (Non-Parent Trustees).

You may contact the Board of Trustees, or its Chair, by email: clerk@cfbl.org.uk