School life

CFBL’s main focus is the development and well-being of its students. We do everything we can to guide and encourage them, whatever their ambitions and challenges.

The Sports department offer a wide array of activities in high-quality facilities, so that students may hone their skills in the sport of their choice: athletics, collective sports, swimming, kayak, yoga, fitness, hockey…

Radio Récré, CFBL students’ bilingual radio, is a wonderful pedagogical tool that enables children to try their hand at journalism, to practice public speaking, and to develop their self-esteem.

The school canteen offers students high-quality balanced meals cooked on site, so that children may carry on with their day knowing that they have all the energy they need to discover new things.

The student support staff offers personalised support to each and every student, whether in primary or in secondary. For more specific needs, a psychologist and a speech therapist are also present and happy to help.