Our school

I am thrilled to work at Collège Français Bilingue de Londres.

Situated just a stone’s throw away from the famous neighbourhood of Camden Town, CFBL was founded in 2011 on the premises of the former Kingsway College. The Victorian building was entirely renovated and adapted to the purposes of a modern style of teaching. Our whole staff is happy to welcome 700 students and their families in such a beautiful setting.

Safety, well-being and eagerness to discover new things are at the heart of the philosophy of our “home of learning”. Trust is the core value of our educational project. Learning to become independent and open-minded is essential to our students’ development into well-rounded adults.

Our teachings are in line with the curriculum established by the French Ministry for Education, but our aim remains, ever since the founding of our establishment, to give a fully bilingual education to all.

In September 2018, CFBL was rated “Outstanding” by Ofsted (Office for Standards in Education). CFBL is the first French secondary school in the UK to be rated “Outstanding”, and joins the ranks of the 15% of British private schools who have obtained this rating.

Our students are encouraged to exchange, share, invent, and take initiatives in a multicultural and open environment. Over the course of their studies, they acquire, in addition to academic knowledge, the human and social tools that will enable them to thrive in high school, and in their many future endeavours – whether personal or professional – throughout their lives.

I am particularly proud of guiding a staff of dedicated, talented and enthusiastic individuals whose main concern is the welfare of our children. Thanks to them, our “home of learning” has fulfilled the ambitions of its founders.

Denis Bittmann