Radio Récré


Entirely designed, produced and presented by the students themselves, Radio Récré, CFBL’s bilingual radio, teaches students public speaking and helps develop their self-confidence.
Radio Récré broadcasts special reports, interviews, games, songs and many other topics. The programmes are available on Soundcloud and on CFBL website.

Our listeners are CFBL students during school time, but also families and anyone wishing to listen and discover our bilingual shows.

This project is supported by CFBL Parents.

Why have a school radio?

School radios are a great learning tool, and pursue the following learning objectives:

  • Improving mastery of oral and written language skills, diversifying language situations through the use of radio.

  • Expressing ideas in authentic communication situations.

  • Anchoring itself in the social and cultural fabric of the neighborhood and the city.

  • Developing debating skills.

  • Becoming an informed user of the media.

  • Knowing how to use all the various resources to design and produce radio sequences (documentary reading, listening, writing, voice work, …).


Listen to all past programmes on Youtube and full interviews on Soundcloud.