School fees

As a private school and independently-funded charity, we don’t receive funding from the French or UK governments. All fees support the daily operation of the school – salaries, academic resources, equipment – and any profits are reinvested to further improve the school and the quality of teaching.

Our school fees for the year 2023-2024 are:

  • Early years (Nursery, Reception, Year 1 | Maternelle PS/MS/GS): £14,585

  • Primary (Years 2-6 | CP-CM2): £12,790

  • Secondary (Years 7-10 | 6ème-3ème): £13,055

These fees include school lunches (4 lunches per week for early years and primary, 5 lunches per week for secondary). You can find a detailed breakdown of the fees here.

Please find the school fees for the 2024-2025 academic year here.

New students

New students will also have to pay the pre-registration fee and, if their application is accepted and they are offered a place at CFBL, they will need to pay the first registration fee. This fee only applies to new students, and only for their first year at CFBL.

Pre-registration fee: £135

First registration fee:

  • Maternelle to 4ème: £1350

  • 3ème: £650

Other fees

Parents also need to provide their child’s school supplies, PE kit (CFBL kit for all pupils except PSM, MSM, GSM) and textbooks (secondary pupils only).

3ème students will also need to pay the DNB fee (about £40).

Payment methods

School fees are paid in four instalments: a £1000 advance on fees, and the remained to be paid in three instalments (one per trimester).

School fees are payable by bank transfer only (cheques are no longer accepted).