PE at CFBL is characterised by its bilingual teaching methods (half of the teaching staff are native English speakers) and by its wide array of activities, the main ones being:


In order to enhance the students’ learning experience and broaden their horizons, a number of sports projects are organised throughout the year. 

Each student must participate in one or several projects, the main ones being:

  • Sports Day: the entire day is dedicated to PE – organised for children of both primary and secondary sections.

  • Inter-school and inter-classes: primary school students participate in athletic events againts other London-based French schools, while secondary school students compete against local English schools in handball and football. Inter-class matches are also organised on a regular basis.

  • Orientation trips: towards the end of September, all Year 7 pupils spend three days bonding together on the Isle of Wight by taking part in sports activities. Year 10 pupils go on a sand & surf break at the end of school year.

  • Races: CFBL organises its own cross-country events and participates in local inter-school cross-country races. An orienteering event is organised every year by the maths department and the PE department.

  • Competitions: a number of classes participate in the London Youth Handball games.

  • Sports with the Big Kids: Year 10 students prepare and teach a PE class for Year 1 students, strenghtening the bonds between them and teaching them to care for the younger ones.

  • PE and charities: the PE team runs a number of events in order to raise funds for national charity projects such as “Sports Relief”.

Miracle Mornings at CFBL

What are ‘Miracle Mornings’?

Miracle Mornings are the next big thing at CFBL, where students can make a great start to their day. There will be Yoga, Meditation, Light Cardio, Stretching / Conditioning & Running.

Why should my child attend a ‘Miracle Morning’?

It is well known that regular exercise and activities have amazing benefits for our physical, mental & emotional health and wellbeing. Joining a Miracle Morning session will help your child with:

  • Increased alertness for the day ahead

  • Better focus during lessons

  • Healthier food choices

  • Improved mood

  • Reduced stress

  • More overall energy

  • Improved brain function

  • Improved social wellbeing

When can my child attend?

Miracle Mornings - Thursdays 8am - 8:30am with Mr Kemal @CFBL (entrance by Willes Road) for Primary students at CFBL

A mixture of yoga stretching and light cardio with some gentle core conditioning

Miracle Friday 6:20am - 7:05am with Mr Blain @Parliament Hill (Lido) for all students and their parents

Family run for all running levels. Light warm up then choose your lap regarding your mood!


CFBL uses a number of offsite high quality sports venues, each providing their own specialist facilities.

The multisport dome, is a 10 minute walk away, and is where we teach a wide range of activities including: handball, netball, basketball, gymnastics, athletics, cricket and badminton.

Team sports are held on the artificial turf of Three acres in Belsize Park and we play large ground activities as football and ultimate frisbee at the Market Road site in Islington.

For athletics (running, relays, hurdles, long jump…), CFBL rents the full size Paliament Hill athletics track on Hampstead Heath. We also use the Heath for varied activities around the track area, and for all our crosscountry activities.
Outdoor activities are an integral part of the educational project at CFBL. Secondary school pupils partake in kayaking on the West Reservoir in Stoke Newington, and our primary pupils partake in varied orientation courses.

Swimming takes place at the Kentish Town Baths swimming pool located 3 minute walk from the school.

Travel between CFBL and the further away sports facilities is effected by private mini-bus.

PE kit

The school PE uniform is compulsory and is available for purchase from Ace Sports, the only official stockist of CFBL PE uniforms. Please note that there is a new PE uniform from September 2019, which has been available for purchase since 4 June 2019. The old PE kit will be tolerated until July 2020.

PSM to CP (lower primary)

  • white CFBL polo shirt

  • navy CFBL sweatshirt

  • navy CFBL sweatpants or navy CFBL leggings

  • navy CFBL shorts or navy CFBL shorts

CE1 to CM2 (upper primary)

  • navy CFBL polo shirt or fitted top

  • navy CFBL full zip hoodie

  • navy CFBL sweatpants or navy CFBL leggings

  • navy CFBL shorts or navy CFBL shorts

6ème to 3ème (secondary)

  • navy CFBL polo shirt or fitted top

  • navy CFBL full zip hoodie

  • navy CFBL sweatpants or navy CFBL leggings

  • navy CFBL shorts or navy CFBL shorts

On the days your child has a PE class, could you please ensure he/she comes to school wearing their PE uniform and that they bring along a change of clothes. He/she will be able to attend other subject classes wearing the PE uniform.

Buying the PE kit

To purchase a PE uniform from Ace Sports, you are invited to either:

  • buy online from their website

  • go to their store, which is located close to the school at 6 Fortress Road, Kentish Town

The contract of sale of the uniform will be between you and Ace Sports and the School will not be party to this contract.

If you need a PE kit for September but you don’t have time to go to the store, we would advise you to order it over the summer so that it may arrive in time for the start of the school term.