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CFBL offers a pre- and after-school care service for primary school students, as well as a wide range of paid-for extracurricular activities, organised by CFBL Clubs. These activities take place after school time, and cover varied domains: football, dance, drama, chess, music, languages… There are about 45 clubs,  run by CFBL teachers and external professionals.

Booking is compulsory for care and CFBL Clubs. You will receive your login details early September to sign up on the CFBL Clubs website.

  • Early September: login details are sent by email

  • First week of September: bookings open for pre- and after-school care

  • Second week of September: start of pre- and after-school care

CFBL Clubs

Primary and secondary pupils can be part of many clubs. Some of them are very popular and are full quickly. To avoid any disappointment, we recommend parents to book a place as soon as possible. Here are some examples of clubs we have provided in the past: 

• Arts • Theater • Badminton • Basketball • Choir • Beginner coding • Java coding • Video game design • Dance • Football • Guitar • Handball • Mandarin • Multisports • Yoga • Radio Récré for Primary • Montage radio college

Children are also encouraged to do their homework on their own.


The CFBL team is happy to brought forward the KLUBHOUSE services, an extended service for Primary pupils from September 2021.  


Offer each primary pupil a solution to be welcomed at CFBL on Wednesday afternoons


The KLUBHOUSE staff will look after the pupils every Wednesday afternoon from mid day 11H30am ( only on subscriptions) offering the following: lunch, recess and various activities. This organisation has  been set up only for Wednesday afternoons. Weekly Pre-school and after-school cares as well  as clubs remain unchanged. 

Time & Cost

It is a term enrolment according to the following options: 

Option 1: 11:30am to 4pm - £20 to £25 per Wednesday plus lunch
Option 2: 11:30am  to 5pm - £25 to £30 per Wednesday plus lunch
Option 3: 11:30am  to 6pm - £30 to £35 per Wednesday plus lunch 


Pre-school and after school care is for primary school pupils only.

Time & Cost

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 8 to 8:30am, 3:30pm to 5pm, 5 to 6pm
Wednesday: 8 to 8:45am, 11:30am to 4pm, 11.30am to 5pm, 11:30am to 6pm  

This is an additional service (with a fee) run by CFBL Clubs (£3 in the morning, £6 in the afternoon, £5 in the evening).


Pre and after school care take place in the playground and the canteen where the following activities are offered  (depending on the weather): 

• colouring • beads • Brazilian bracelets • board games • painting workshops • ball games • table tennis • jump rope 

Children are also encouraged to do their homework independently. 

Terms and conditions

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