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Potato & Chive




Sweet potato & Butternut Soup

For non-vegetarians

School fees include a high-quality balanced meal cooked on site (4 lunches per week for primary school, 5 lunches per week for secondary school).

The school chef develops his balanced menus by working closely with a top nutritionist, and over 95% of all raw ingredients are delivered fresh every day. Working together with his team, he serves homemade soups, prepares a fully fledged salad bar, three main hot dishes, including a vegetarian option along with accompanying vegetables (homemade mashed potatoes!) and a wide variety of desserts (fresh fruit pots, homemade cake and yoghurts).

Holroyd Howe, a specialist school caterer, received the Catey Prize in 2015 for “Education caterer of the year” rewarding in particular their innovative and fresh menus.

Menus – TBC

(*) for maternelles

(*) for maternelles

We prepare approximatively 120 pack lunches for the classes selected to have lunch in their classrooms, each day. We provide a fruit, a cake or a yoghurt with a pack of crisp, the baguettes are cooked on site each morning!