Digital learning

E-learning plays a key role in our overall teaching strategy thanks to the use of tablets, iPads, Chromebooks and PCs during lesson, but also through dedicated IT and programming classes from primary school onwards.

Information Technology classes, offered 30 minutes per week to primary school students, lead to the PIX certification, thanks to which students can receive a diploma as proof of the knowledge they have accrued. Students also learn research methods and how to use online tools to further their learning, whether in IT class or through dedicated workshops in the library.

Teachers use technological tools in the classroom – hardware or software – whenever they believe that they will truly add to the learning experience. Apps, specific resources and dedicated software can often make teaching more lively and interactive.

CFBL’s technological equipment is aligned with its goals, enabling students to gain the skills of tomorrow thanks to a wide range of devices (computers, iPads, Chromebooks). Each classroom is also fitted with an interactive whiteboard.

CFBL Clubs offers two extracurricular activities for students who wish to go even further: Coding games with Java and Making a video game.