25 Nov 2020

Collect clothes and fight poverty

Jonas M., Sacha P. and Luca L. studied To Kill a Mockingbird in English class.

They then had an overriding task: to understand where intolerance is born, and then to create more tolerance in our world. This project is designed to not only teach students about the important themes in the novel, but also to help them apply the lessons they learn to their own lives. They will create a real-life project that allows them to be a hero for a mockingbird in our school or community. They will identify a target group and then propose a way that they can stand up for the injustice that is identified. They must find an effective and real life way to promote their message and they will create a website that chronicles their discoveries and observations.


Jonas, Sacha and Luca decided to fight against poverty:

“Poverty is when someone doesn’t have enough money, food, clothes or water.

We are at the coldest period of the year: Winter.

Because of Covid-19 crisis, people do not go out of their house so they don’t give money to poor people.

In order to create a better world, fighting poverty should be a number one question.

To help our project please put clothes in the bag in vie scolaire.

You have from the 27th November to the 10th of December!

by Jonas M., Sacha P. and Luca L.”