15 Mar 2020

CoronaVirus update

Due to the COVID-19 situation and due to the particularities of our schools, Headteachers from French schools network in London met Sunday, the 15th of March, in the afternoon, with the impulse of the SCAC (The French Cultural Services) of the French Embassy in London to make a decision together.

It has been decided to close all school premises effective Monday, March 16th in the evening (after the last class of your child.ren). Therefore students will not be able to access the school premises and we will start distance learning in the next few days.

Setting up the pedagogical follow-up will be decided by each school and will start at least on Wednesday, March 18th.

Updates regarding the pedagogical follow-up will be provided on Tuesday, March 17th. Students will bring classroom materials home on Monday evening.  

We recognize that school closures will create challenges for our families and our community, but we also recognize our responsibility to address this public health concern.

To help families as best as we can and to know their needs in electronical devices, a survey has been sent to them.