21 Sep 2020

DofE 2021

The Duke of Edinburgh is a national programm that seeks to develop students’ soft skills and enhance their CVs and university applications. Students learn how to work as a team, be committed and dedicated, and how to take on responsibility. They are also given opportunities to grow and mature. This is a paid-for option (£200 per year).

If selected, the student will participate in the Bronze Award, which requires them to complete four sections:

  • Volunteering: 3 months*

  • Physical: 3 months*

  • Skills: 3 months*

  • Expedition: 2 days / 1 night (plus a training expedition: 2 days/1 night)

*one of these 3 sections must be 6 months long

Students will meet with the DofE Leaders at CFBL (M. Canto and Mr Kemal) on a regular basis so that they can guide them through each section, and ensure all paperwork is completed before the final expedition. Because of the current situation, the expeditions will be planned for the spring 2021 (if sanitary conditions make them possible).