04 May 2022

Mai des Langues

This month is all about languages! To celebrate AEFE's Mai des Langues, CFBL's MFL department has organised a number of events highlighting languages. First, languages will tickle our taste buds, with special meus at the canteen, trips to restaurants, and a focus on food related idioms. There will also be dance workshops, a rap battle with Shakespeare, a poetry translation competition, interviews, and even a multilingual sports dictionary!

Language menus: every Friday starting from April 22nd, the canteen will serve a menu translated by the MFL department in its language of origin and read by native speakers of the language in Primary for Radio Récré: 22/04 German menu
29/04 Chinese menu
06/05 Spanish menu
13/05 French menu

Restaurant Trips to German, Spanish and Chinese restaurants will be organised in June too.

CFBL Food idioms exhibition and Game
An exhibition of last year's multilingual idiom dictionary created in 5e will be held at the canteen.
Students and staff will learn how to say the same idioms around food in different languages. 
Everyone will be invited to fill in a quiz about the different idioms displayed. 
Each successful entry will win 50pts for their House!

CFBL Dances:  
CFBL 5e will be taught Latin & Ballroom dances by a professional dancer (Spain's champion!)

Multilingual Sports dictionary and quiz:
6e will create this year's multilingual dictionary around the different sports they practise at CFBL and a House quiz will be organised.

Battle of the Bards (11/05 in MPR)
5e students will slam their parodies of sonnet 18 "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day" at each other in the MPR, showing off their iambic pentameters and flow in an unmissable Battle of the Bards.

Stephen Spender Prize poetry translation competition:
CFBL students will take part in this poetry competition, translating into English a poem of their choice from any language.

CM2/6e interviews about their LV2 choices (06/05):
CM2 students will interview 6e students about their choices of LV2 to help them make their decision for next year.