30 Mar 2020

Mr Barbosa’s leaving and replacement

Due to the unprecedented situation in dealing with the COVID-19 situation, we have had to delay announcing the departure of our Deputy Head for Secondary School; Mr. Barbosa, who, after nine years of service, will be leaving CFBL on April 20. The end of an era for both Mr. Barbosa and for CFBL.

Mr. Barbosa started working as a History and Geography teacher, dedicated, passionate and recognised for his standout skills. In 2017 he was promoted to Deputy Head Teacher, a post in which his dedication and professionalism been greatly appreciated by his colleagues and by CFBL families.

Thanks in large part to Mr Barbosa’s talents, dedication and good humour CFBL was awarded the “Outstanding School” status it enjoys today. Mr Barbosa is currently one of the main players leading the school’s ‘distance digital learning project’.

On behalf of the entire school community, I would like to thank him for his service during the past 9 years.

In April the Barbosa Family will be relocating to Brussels where Mrs Barbosa will be taking up a post with the British Diplomatic Mission. We wish them all the best for this new stage in their lives. Sadly, the current closure of the school does not allow us to celebrate their leaving in the
manner we would have liked, and as had previously been planned. We hope to invite him back to CFBL to mark the occasion properly once everything is back to normal.

We are anticipating a smooth handover as his successor has been recruited internally: we are pleased to announce that following a recruitment process that saw a large number of candidates, Cécile Denais has been promoted to the role of the new Deputy Head Teacher for Secondary School. Cécile has been living in London since 2015, and has 19 year’s teaching experience. She has been teaching at CFBL for the past three years, where she has also been our History and Geography HoD.

She will take up her new position on Monday, 20th of April, immediately following the Spring holidays. We wish her all the very best and a successful journey in this new position.

Congratulations Mrs DENAIS!