25 Jun 2021

Poetry Week 2021

From Monday 14th June to Friday 18th June, Poetry Week took place.

Throughout the week, the pupils visited classrooms and staff offices to recite poems. The children shared their poems with pupils from the secondary school, and primary school, and with administrative staff.

All pupils participated in Poetry Week on a voluntary basis.

Primary school pupils recited poems learned in class. Secondary students presented both their English poems, studied in class, a French poem on the theme of freedom. They could also write and recite on this theme.

This year the children stayed in their bubbles. Hopefully next year we can mix the groups.

All pupils who participated in the poetry week received a diploma to thank them for their participation and enthusiasm. In the majority of classes there were more requests than places available, so next year there will be more places so that everyone can participate in this wonderful event.

Thank you to the students for sharing these beautiful moments!