12 Oct 2020

Primary representatives

On Thursday 8 October 2020, CFBL Primary pupils’ delegates met with the Deputy Head teacher. They discussed about their roles, their missions and their objectives as delegates. Last year’s Eco-friendly projects have been kindly reminded to the pupils. 

They then talked about waste management at CFBL, lost clothe management and decisions made during the Canteen Committee.

Lost clothes management

=> Each pupil should take care of his/her own clothes. S/he should not let her on the floor or on a coat hanger, not forget it in the playground

=> You should write your name and class on your clothes

=> In each class 2 pupils should be responsible for hunting lost clothes

Waste management

Each class gets two bins: 

=> Recycling: the one with a clear plastic bag in it (Be careful: wet wastes and used tissue do not go in it!)

=> Non-recycling: the one with a black plastic bag (Be careful: waste from sharpener should go in that bin)

Regarding the packs lunch, there is an additional clear plastic bag that should be used only for food waste (Be careful: plastic used for pack lunch should go to the non-recycling bin!)

Decisions made during the canteen committee

Chloe and Jérémie, CM2 representative, participated in the canteen committee held on Tuesday 5th October

Here are the main decision made: 

=> French fries’ day will never be the same in order for everyone to get the chance to get some

=> No more pepper in the meals and less spicy meals

=> The Chef will prepare less dish in sauce

=> The tool to maintain soups hot will be fixed and tomato soup will be served from times to times

=> It is very important that everyone mentions if they want less or more food (ask for more if you are hungry and for less if you are not. We have to avoid food waste as much as we can)

=> From Monday 12th October, when it will be possible (no Secondary pupils), Primary pupils will be able to queue on both sides

=> Cold salads will be served (chicken salad by example) to replace sandwiches in lunch pack

=> We are working on the possibility to take out the vegetables out of the sandwiches. Vegetables should be served in another container

=> Seasonal fruits will be served and there will be a range of different fruits served

=> Water fountains will be soon available in the playground

Congratulations to our little citizens for their energy and implication!