01 Apr 2020

"Student life" activities

“Student Life” offers secondary students a plethora of creative and educational activities in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

On offer: creative art, art & DIY, writing and poetry, study period, fitness, origami, cookery and math rally.

  • Creative art: creativity and self-expression.

  • Art & DIY: expression through art.

  • Writing and poetry: Express your thoughts through poetry and writing.

  • Study period: Need help with an exercise? Or just want to talk to your classmates and educational assistants?

  • Fitness: sports class.

  • Origami: Japanese art of paper-folding and creation of various templates (dog, owl, cat, koala bookmark, fox, crane, frog …)

  • Cookery: pastry making.

  • Math challenges: mental maths.

By providing these activities “student life” believes that it will be able to maintain  a connection between itself and its students whilst engaging them activities that are both fun and creative.

CFBL is keen to maintain a warm and caring relationship with its students throughout their schooling.