06 Mar 2020

The world… on the trash heap

On Tuesday, the 2nd of March 2020, more than 70 people came to the exhibition presented by the 3ème/Year 10 students entitled “The World… on the trash heap”.

Our 3ème/Year 10 students chose a text and a character from “the feverish consumption” studied in French class. Then they reflected on the negative aspect(s) of the over-consumption described in the text.

Then they were inspired by Arman’s work to create a plastic artwork representing an anguishing, pervasive entity that would represent the negative aspect of over-consumption.

Finally, they calculated the energy used to produce these plastic artworks and their carbon footprint.

Then the students made an oral presentation on their work.

The purpose of this work is to make links between literary and artistic productions, to understand and analyze poetry, to cultivate a sensitivity to the beauty of poetry and artworks, to reflect on the connection to the world and to produce an artwork.