14 May 2020

Welcome to Beyond Words

“The book creates meaning, the meaning creates life.” Roland Barthes

Welcome to the Institut français online, welcome to Beyond Words!

The festival of literature of the Institut français is back and continues for a second week everyday online until 24 May.

Feed your appetite for words, ideas and dreams with this new edition crafted with exclusive interviews, the best book-to-film adaptations, stage reading or real-time drawing: you name it!

In this issue, discover what the American philosopher Henry David Thoreau would have thought of the lockdown. Find out where Frantz Fanon’s revolutionary thinking originated from or why Roland Barthes “suddenly didn’t bother to be modern”, and much more!

Beyond Beyond Words, immerse yourself into the surreal universe of Turner Prize-winning contemporary artist Laure Prouvost and go on the tracks of Bach with virtuoso guitarist Thibaut Garcia.