Founding of CFBL Houses

The founding of CFBL Houses started in 2017: the “CFBL Houses” was a project which consists in creating 4 Houses for CFBL (like in some English schools – or in the Harry Potter novels!), each with its own identity, starting with one of the 4 letters: C, F, B, L.

After an online vote which gathered over 300 responses by secondary students, the four winning Fantastic Beasts were:

  • Chlorofox (Dionis, Lucie and Romain)
  • Faeroceler (Ella, Marion, Lauren, Adam Raillard, Victor and Daphné)
  • Bellynxhorse (Eleonor, Hortense et Salomé)
  • Lamperfly (Inès, Nais and Clémentine)

How to Win the House Cup: The Point System

All year long, pupils receive points by teachers and vie scolaire. They can win points for their houses but also lose points!

Some events (inter-house contests; sport events, etc.) can help pupils win up to 500 points or more for their houses. 

At the end of the year, the house with the maximum of points wins the House Cup!

  • 2018 Winners: Faeroceler
  • 2019 Winners: Chlorofox
  • 2020 Winners: Chlorofox


Sorting hat

As in Hogwarts, CFBL organises a ceremony where the sorting aims to sort new students into the four houses.

2020 ceremony: