04 Dec 2023 paris college of artart ambassadors

Paris College of Art

On November 28th, our school had the privilege of hosting a distinguished visitor, an admission tutor from the prestigious Paris College of Art. This engaging session was designed specifically for Year 10 students, offering them valuable insights into the process of applying to art school and preparing an impressive portfolio.

The talk went beyond the conventional by including budding art ambassadors from our school who actively participated in the discussion. Their presence added a dynamic dimension to the session, providing students with first-hand experiences and perspectives on pursuing a path in the arts. The informative presentation not only guided students through the intricacies of the application process but also highlighted the diverse disciplines within the field of art. Students were exposed to a spectrum of possibilities, broadening their understanding of potential higher education pathways in the arts. Moreover, the session served as a catalyst for students to explore careers in the arts by offering essential information and guidance. The inclusion of budding art ambassadors created a relatable and inspiring atmosphere, encouraging students to envision their own artistic journeys.

As a special opportunity, students were informed about the chance to attend a summer school at the Paris College of Art, further fuelling their passion for the arts. This comprehensive and interactive talk not only equipped students with the knowledge to pursue their artistic ambitions but also fostered a sense of community and collaboration among budding art enthusiasts.