21 Jan 2022 philosophieécole

Philosophy workshops for our pupils

Mrs Khiar and Mrs Berlin will be holding philosophy focused workshops for CFBL | Collège Français Bilingue de Londres pupils in Years 2 and 3, in February and March 2022.

Benefits for pupils

  • To feel like a "thinking being" whose ideas and words have value,

  • To dare express one's feelings and opinions,

  • Exercising critical thinking skills, being thoughtful and discerning,

  • To enter into a relationship of mutual respect and intellectual collaboration,

  • To improve self confidence.

Philosophy workshops schedule at CFBL

  • CE1 B : Monday 7th February, from 9h to 10h

  • CE1 A : Thursday 10th February, from 11h50 to 12h50

  • CE1 B : Monday 28th February, from 9h to 10h

  • CE1A : Thursday 3rd March, from 11h50 to 12h50

More info on SEVE

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