11 Feb 2022 déléguésCFBL

Primary School Council Meeting

Once per trimester, primary school council representatives meet with the head of primary, Marjorie Lacassagne, and discuss their questions and ideas about CFBL.

CFBL Canteen

They met up on Wednesday 9th of February and shared:

  • Their desire to have access to salt and pepper

They were reminded to use them with moderation and probably with adult supervision to avoid excess. They were also reminded of the canteen schedule :

  1. Monday and Wednesday : vegetarian days

  2. Tuesday : meat (+ vegetarian option),

  3. Thursday : fish (+ vegetarian option),

  4. Friday : International meals

  • Their desire to have mozzarella and pizza

  • Their questions about the canteen toilet cleaning

They were told that there would be increased cleaning of the toilets.

CFBL playtimes

Mrs Lacassagne reminded the pupils :

  • That the covered courtyard is a calm area. There must be no ball games. Elastic/jump rope games are permitted. Class reps can remind their classmates if necessary,

  • That mediators are now available. Posters showing their availability will soon be put up. Primary pupils are reminded that they may not go and see mediators without first having sought permission from an adult,

  • That there are no racing games during morning playtime as there are too many classes and this could be dangerous,

  • That football is tolerated if it is in the area next to the scooters (classmates commit to picking up the scooters if they fall).


Concerning Houses (pupils join a House from CE1 starting from this year) :

  • House scarves are here and will be handed out shortly (they were handed out on Thursday the 10th of February 2022) !

  • Points can be won for classwork under the guidance of the teacher,

  • Points can be won by participating in Miracle Mornings.