19 Mar 2020

Well-being remotely : our advice

During lockdown CFBL and all its staff are working together in order to bring you the best tips and advice:

1- Create a routine: In the current situation where outside factors dictate our movements it is important to establish a routine such as getting ready and dressed. This will help lift the mood.

It is also a good idea to alternate between activities so as to keep motivated. Following a routine such as getting dressed to go out as you would in normal circumstances is also a “feel good”factor.

2 – Avoid playing the news on a loop: listen to music instead. It has been shown to improve your mood and have a positive effect on your wellbeing.

3 – Take the opportunity to unwind and give your mind a rest by doing things you enjoy such as drawing, playing a musical instrument, idlying the time away, reading.

Advice from Blandine Montchal – Biology teacher

Advice from Maud Donatucci – nurse