New applicants

We welcome students from all educational systems. Please see our education equivalency chart to see in which year you should enrol your child.

New students can apply to CFBL in three easy steps:

Step 1: online pre-registration
To apply for a place for the school year starting in September 2021, please visit our online application portal. The data collected will be used responsibly in accordance with our privacy notice. Priority is given to students based on a certain number of criteria outlined in our Admissions Policy. The date of pre-registration is not a priority criteria for admission, but we still encourage you to sign up as quickly as possible to benefit from the best availability of spaces. Children must be at least 3 years old when they start CFBL. We do not offer schooling to children younger than that age. To apply for a 2020-2021 intake (during the school year), please email
Step 2: decision of the admissions committee
The Admission Committee meets regularly to allocate places in accordance with the School’s Admission Policy. After each Admission Committee meetings, all families will be contacted by email by the Admissions Officer.

If you are offered a place, the procedure for acceptance will be clearly explained in the offer sent to you via Docusign.

If you are not offered a place: unless you cancel your pre-registration when the school contacts you, it will be reconsidered by the Admission Committee at a later stage (as directed by you).

Should you wish to discuss your situation, do not hesitate to contact Aurore Bouvet at or 0207 993 74 09.

Step 3: accepting an offer for a place
Families must accept the offer within the deadline set out in the offer letter. Failure to do so will be treated as a refusal and the place being offered to another pupil.

Returning students

Parents who have children currently attending CFBL will be invited to confirm the attendance of their child for the following school year.

Re-enrolment at CFBL can be done in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: confirming re-registration
At the end of November, parents who have children currently attending CFBL will be requested to confirm the attendance of their child between 2nd of December 2021 and 29 of January 2022 by contacting Aurore Bouvet. Failure to confirm their child’s attendance or failure to pay the £1000 advance on fees (step 2) will result in their child being removed from the School roll and their child will not be able to attend the school the following year.
Step 2: paying the advance on fees
Re-enrolment will only become effective after parents have paid the £1000 advance on fees. A reminder form will be sent to the current parents around the first of December. This advance cannot be paid back should the child fail to attend the school, regardless the reason. Re-enrolment will only be possible if all the school fees for the previous year have been paid in full.
Step 3: decision of the class committee
After steps 1 and 2 have been completed, the child is registered for the following school year, but is not guaranteed to move up into the next year group. Moving up into the next year group is subject to the opinion of the conseil de cycle (primary) or conseil de classe (secondary), after they have consulted with the parents.


Transfer of pupils between accredited French schools in London

A student in an accredited French school (CFBL, Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle, Lycée International de Londres Winston Churchill…) must pursue his or her schooling in that establishment until its completion.

Although parents are free to choose which school they originally want to enrol their child in, they cannot transfer their child to another accredited school before the student has completed his or her schooling in the first school without being granted permission by both Head Teachers, as well as by the French Embassy.

For students enrolled at CFBL, this means that they cannot transfer to another accredited French school in London without asking both Head Teachers and the Embassy for permission.

Pupils in 3ème at CFBL

Parents whose child is in 3ème at CFBL will be able to apply for a place at the Lycée International de Londres Winston Churchill or at the Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle in accordance with the registration criteria of each of those schools.

CFBL also prepares students for entry into the English educational system, or to go to another French school, whether in France or abroad.